Did You Know About These Benefits Of Impact Windows?

Ok, so we all know that impact windows can provide adequate hurricane protection for ourselves and our families, but in addition to storm protection, these impact windows and doors have several other benefits which include the following:

• Homeowners insurance discounts
• Noise eliminating features
• Energy Efficiency
• Ultraviolet ray protection
• Eliminate or reduce burglaries

Live in an area with a lot of outside noise?

Then you will love impact resistant windows, because they are designed to be a buffer or to reduce outside noise levels, so the inside of your house will be a lot more tranquil. Research has indicated that these storm windows can reduce as much as 70% or external sounds.

Want to reduce your monthly energy costs?

Another reason to love hurricane windows is that they will make your home more energy efficient and as a result your central air conditioning system will consume up to 50% less energy, as it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Why your home needs sunscreen protection?

If you live in an area such as Miami, Florida that has year round sunshine, then all that sunlight can be damaging to the interior of your house, especially for furniture, paintings, carpets, wood flooring, curtains and drapes. With storm proof windows you can get as much as 99 percent ultraviolet ray protection.

Want to make your home more secure from thieves?

These windows and doors are great for preventing burglaries as the impact glass can’t be broken very easily. A burglar won’t be able to break your windows or sliding glass door with a hammer or by throwing a stone at them. This is why these doors and windows are considered to be forced-entry resistant. This is another reason why insurance companies love these hurricane windows and that is why they won’t have any problems giving homeowners a discount that decide to install them on their home.

5 Tips For Installing Hurricane Windows

Impact Windows
Impact windows, commonly referred to as hurricane windows or impact resistant windows, are probably the best windows you can invest in if your home is located in areas susceptible to hurricanes, storms, tornadoes and other calamities which can occasion unexpected destruction.

This is because they can adequately withstand a hurricane or a storm no matter how strong it could be. Though the need to install impact windows cannot be reemphasized, you should nevertheless take caution when installing them, lest you end up making some common mistakes usually made by scores of home owners. Here are tips for installing impact windows which are of great help if you have already decided to install these windows on your home.

1. Prior to purchasing the hurricane window of your choice, make a point of taking the exact measurements of the opening that you intend to install the window of your choice. Refrain from making an assumption that any size of the window will fit into the opening, for this is not the case since these windows come in different sizes.

2. Don’t lift the hurricane window without help. The size of this window can be deceiving, but they can weigh more than 100 pounds. Ensure you have someone to help you with installing and lifting the window.

3. Always have the sealing material for purposes of sealing the window. This is imperative because it ensures that the window is properly installed, thus leaving no gaps for air to sneak through.

4. Ensure you purchase impact windows that match the location where your home is situated. Hurricane windows are specified for particular locations. For instance, if your home is located in areas close to oceans or any other saltwater body, purchase hurricane windows which are made using stainless steel.

5. Make sure the hurricane windows are properly supported. Desist from using unstable materials such as woods for purposes of supporting these windows. Such material cannot withstand the mighty force of storms and hurricanes.

Services and Benefits from Home Appliance Repair Companies

Household Appliances


When you choose a home appliance repair company you can have the peace of mind you need knowing your refrigerator, washing machine and other kitchen appliances are going to be fixed right. You do not want to attempt to repair these types of residential appliances yourself. Even trying to fix a vacuum could be a risky job and you could end up getting hurt doing it.
Leave the work to the experts in appliance repair. These companies are available to serve you all throughout your local area. You can be assured that any household appliance that you need to get fixed will get fixed promptly and at a price that you can afford.
Why buy a new garbage compactor if your existing one just needs to be fixed? This is one of the benefits you can get from your appliance repair professional. They can let you know just by looking at your appliance if it needs to be replaced or if a simple repair can be done to it.

Repairs can save you money and can allow you to get even more use out of your appliances. This can allow you to get even more value out of the appliances that you have right now.
Your local appliance repair company can repair just about anything you have. They can fix ovens, ranges, hoods, dishwashers, laundry machines, garbage disposals, vacuums, and all kinds of air conditioners. They can even help fix your barbecue grills.
Make your life easier and safer. Have your local appliance service technician to come to inspect whatever you need to have fixed. They can save you time and money on replacements. They can also give you more life out of your existing appliances by fixing them right the first time for you.

The Right Way to Clean Your Window Air Conditioning Unit


Have you ever tried cleaning your window air conditioning unit(AC)? If you haven’t, it is high time that you start learning, because you can save as much as $1,200 annually doing it yourself. If your unit is not working at all, you might need an air conditioning repair mckinney technician to diagnose and fix your unit, before you try cleaning it.

The Right Time To Clean

Before we get started on getting our hands dirty, we need to be aware of how often we should clean our AC. And, how often depends on whether the AC is new or not and what part of the world you reside. In the US, you should clean and prepare your AC before the beginning of each season so that would be at least once every quarter which is usually the manufacturer’s advice for the first year of newly-bought AC.

On its second year onwards, ideally you should clean your AC once a month but if the air has more than the usual amount of crud in it, then you better clean more often. What you’re looking for is not to let the filter get dirty enough that it reduces your cooling. And remember, just because you will not be using your AC during winter does not mean you can leave it unclean until such time that you need to use it again. Keeping your AC clean will make it last longer and run more efficiently.

The Right Kind of Tools and Materials

Cleaning our own AC doesn’t require buying of new supplies and materials as most of the stuff we need would already be available in our household.

For the tools, we would need:

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Shop vacuum (or just any vacuum used at home)
  • Rags

As for the materials, we require:

  • Household cleaner
  • Electric motor oil
  • A/C coil cleaner (If you have big window-type AC, you might need two cans)


Normally, all three needed tools and first two materials are already available in our household so we only have to purchase an A/C coil cleaner and what we should look for is a brand with AC-Safe No. AC-920.



The Right Cleaning Procedure

Before we discuss the cleaning steps, let’s study the diagram below to help us know the parts of the AC for proper guidance.


Now that we are aware of the parts let’s get on with the cleaning.

Step 1: Remove the plastic filter panel.

Step 2: Slide the AC out of the wall. The AC could be heavy so get help.

Step 3: Remove the case and mounting frame. Typically, the case screws are placed along the bottom edge, and since they have to go back in the same spot upon reassembly, you might want to keep a mental note of the location of any odd-length screws.

Step 4: Straighten any bent cooling fins with a fin comb. You may use any Frigidaire fin comb kit. It’s cheap and fits most brands of ACs.

Step 5: Vacuum all noticeable buildup from both coils and spray cleaner as needed.

Step 6: Using a rag and household cleaner, clean the fan blades thoroughly.

Step 7: If the fan motor has rubber or plastic-capped oiling ports, squeeze in a few drops of electric motor oil.

Step 8: Wash the air filter and re-install the unit.

That’s it! Now your air conditioning unit should be much more efficient, and help keep your room cooler.

Spray Foam Insulation as a Fire Retardant

Fire prevention foam insulation – also called the spray foam insulation- contains fire retardant chemicals, thus helping to reduce the risk of fire outbreaks. Its basic application is aimed to properly insulate the rooms and keep them fireproof at all costs. Usually fire prevention foam insulation is quite preferred because it looks high-tech and has a special ability to expand. And several types of foam (for example, polyurethane foam) have a high R-value which implies high thermal resistance. So they are perfect for insulating windows.

Spray foam insulation is always made of two major components:

a) the polyurethane or polystyrene which are different forms of petroleum derivatives, or Icyene which is based on castor oil,
b) Several fire retardant chemicals that make the foam fireproof.

How does spray foam insulation help?

Windows can lead to significant loss of energy if they are not properly insulated. Foam insulator expands into the gaps between the frame and window, thereby acting as a solid air barrier that discourages the loss of heat energy. And since polyurethane foam is given a strong fire resistance barrier, they are perfect for creating a safe environment.

Benefits of using foam insulation:

– Of all the types of spray foam insulators, polyurethane has the highest R-value, which signifies high thermal resistance and insulation capability. This will help in lowering energy costs significantly.

– Spray foam insulation does not contain any materials that animals or pests could find appealing. Hence, pests or rodents will not chew through the foam to get inside.

– Fire prevention foam insulation acts as a fire and smoke barrier, as it contains fire retardant materials that helps in slowing the fire down by cutting down on oxygen flow. When there are gaps around pipes and other outlets which connect all rooms together, oxygen flows everywhere unhindered. But closed-cell spray foam around these outlets will stop the oxygen from escaping into other rooms, thereby preventing fire spread as well.

– By spraying foam to seal gaps between window and frames, you can reduce the amount of noise that could otherwise be carried inside.

– Also by closing up the gaps, you can lower the moisture level in the room. Polyurethane foam acts as a moisture-barrier because it has closed cells. Less moisture will cause less molding incidents.

These benefits make fire prevention foam insulation the right measure to take in order to save energy and create a safer environment.

Building a new home?

Building a new home?

When building a new house, we want to make it perfect and just the way we imagined it. It is imperative that every aspect of the construction should be carefully monitored by a team of professional architects at all times. There is no room for a mistake, and everything must be in right order – leveling the floors, walls, double checking and making sure the dimensions are just right for a door or a window to fit in is essential.
So after everything is settled and your home is close to finish, there is one more thing to consider-Windows.
Windows are important for a home to make it secure, warm at winter and lighted and chilled at summer. Choosing the right position for them is something that is previously settled by the architect, guided by the owner’s wishes.

What is the best positions for windows?

63a31d84f9a838bd3a12d5b7dcce67e0The important thing to consider is which rooms you would like fully lighted and which dimmed and barely lighted. Usually, the living room is a place where family gathers and should be fully lighted, with windows on three walls. The bedroom is more secluded and should contain one window, make sure that window is on the sun rising side. There is nothing more beautiful than waking up to see sun rays taking their time to reach the far end of the room.

What type of window is the best?

Again, depending in which room you are planning to place a window, or what climate your country have window types that you should consider will vary.
Window Frames.
There are many types of window frames, choosing the right one for your environment and climate is something that is to be considered important.
Aluminum and metal frames are strong, durable frames and they are basically maintenance free. The downside of it is that both of these materials conduct heat very well, so they are not a good insulating material.

Fiberglass frames are cavity filled window frames that are used as good insulating frames simply because the air holes in its construction can be filled with a good insulating material that will provide a barrier between heat and cold in summer and winter days.
Vinyl frames are in most cases made from polyvinyl chloride or in short just PVC, with stabilizers that don’t let the ultraviolet light break down the material. They have good moisturizing resistance and don’t even require a paint job.
Glass or window glazing.
the_window_blue_glass_213747Heat-absorbing tints are window glazing that contains a special color which changes how the passing light behaves, leaving the harmful UV light out of the picture.
Insulated windows are those which have more than one layer of glass; you have probably seen them without knowing it is insulated window. The catch is to create a hermetically sealed space between two layers of windows lowering the U-factor this way.
Reflective coatings on glass or window glaze act as a barrier that reduces the solar radiation transmission, leaving more heat and less light in the room. They are usually found in colder climate areas and are great for homes on mountains.

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